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Richard Burke, chairman of Trek Bicycle, passed away today at age 73. Starting out in a red barn in Waterloo, Wisconsin, Trek has become the largest bicycle manufacturing company in the United States, and second in the world. There’s a great interview of Richard in Inc. Magazine from a couple of years ago. click here […]


I was working with a finance manager one day and watched him step outside the box and invent a brand new way to take his team to another level. He’d brought the team together for a meeting. After the initial checkin, he told them he had something he wanted to say that wasn’t on the […]


If you’ve just been appointed the new leader of a team, a department, a division, or perhaps the whole organization, congratulations! It’s an exciting time and can be overwhelming, since you want to put your best foot forward and make your mark. But before you hit that ground running, take a few minutes to consider […]