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Great leadership is about vision, right? Vision, mission, and values. The big stuff. Well, that may be, but it’s also about meetings. As John Cleese so aptly named one of his classic training films, it’s all too often about Meetings, Bloody Meetings. You’re going to run some meetings, and most folks know that most meetings […]


In my last post, I offered Seven Simple Rules for Being a Leader. First on the list is: Be a monomaniac on a mission. Let’s take that a little deeper. Two of the most successful companies on the planet are Coke and Pepsico. They battle one another across the globe for market dominance. As you […]


We live in troubled times. (Hint: We ALWAYS live in troubled times, but that’s for another post.) During these times of uncertainty, anxiety and change, as leaders we are called upon more than ever to take our teams to “the promised land.” Will we get there? Will we be alright? What’s going to change, and […]