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F is for Feedback

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When you accepted the responsibility to be a leader, you got in the Feedback Delivery business. Your team thrives on your feedback. They want to know: How are we doing?  (How am I doing?) Are we on track? (Am I on track?) What are we doing well?  (What am I doing well?) Is there anything […]


If you’ve read What Your Boss Never Told You, my Quick Start Guide for New Managers, you met three types of employees – those who support you, those who sabotage, and those who split (but don’t actually leave). In March, I’m publishing a book to help managers with yet another kind of employee: those  who […]


Many years ago, I was fired from a publishing job. My boss decided I was not performing to his standards, and without any warning, I was let go. With no similar job immediately forthcoming, I started doing temp work at a pool company. They liked my work enough to take me on as a permanent […]


Much is being made these days of President Obama’s willingness to apologize. During his presidential campaign, he apologized to a reporter for calling her “Sweetie.” Recently he apologized for his insensitivity with regard to a joke he told on the Tonight Show about his bowling skills. Within the past couple of days, he has apologized […]