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The most effective leaders I’ve known share a strong commitment to this principle: “What” flows downward, and “How” flows upward. As leaders they recognize their responsibility to communicate what needs to happen: We need a new strategy to increase sales by 10% The system we use to capture citizen concerns is not working – let’s […]


Keith was dissatisfied with the amount of participation in his weekly staff meetings. Participants rarely offered input, and when they did, it was minimal. Keith tried to set a ground rule about open participation, but it hasn’t worked. A better way Most people can’t tolerate more than about sixteen seconds of silence when an open-ended […]


We’ve all been there. Leaders face “difficult conversations” all the time. Do any of these sound familiar? You have to deliver a performance evaluation to someone who’s been under-performing for years, but the previous manager never confronted the situation You’ve just been promoted to lead a group of former peers and one of them wants […]