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What follows is an open letter written by Craig Bronzan, the Director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Brentwood, California. He’s someone who has made public his plans to retire within the next few years. I asked him to write a letter to describe what he would want any boss of a soon-to-retire […]


Every year about this time, I find some “alone time” to recharge my batteries. I look back at the year that’s coming to an end, recalling what I’m grateful for, and I look ahead, thinking about how I want to make my way into a brand new year. I don’t make new year’s resolutions, per […]


Boss, you’re not helping!

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The ideal manager is hands-off whenever possible, and hands-on whenever needed. Too hands-off, and you’ll be seen as aloof, uncaring and disinterested. Too hands-on, and you’ll start to micromanage.¬†What Your Boss Never Told You, by Gary Winters, 2010. I’ve had bosses I loved working for. They treated staff like valuable parts of the organization. They’d […]