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The long-awaited sequel!

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At long last, the sequel to What Your Boss Never Told You is available – both as a paperback, and as an ebook.


What ELSE has even more tips and techniques for new or newer supervisors and managers. Eighteen bite-sized chapters, including sections on:

    • Follower Fatigue
    • Motivation 101
    • The X-Factor
    • Do Nice Managers Ever Finish First?
    • What Makes People Loyal
    • Doing the Right Thing
    • When I Want Your Opinion
    • Program Your RAS for Success
    • Three Words Leaders Hesitate to Say
    • Give ’em the Kool Aid
    • How Effective Leaders Talk
    • How Ineffective Leaders Talk
    • Get Off Your But
    • 16 Seconds of Silence
    • Seriously – Are There Four Kinds of Truth?
    • What Do Fireflies Have to Do With It?
    • Team Building With Tee Shirts

My most popular book by far has been What Your Boss Never Told You. This sequel doubles the number of practical, effective, proven tips and techniques. Both books are easy to read, written in a conversational tone. It’s as though we’re sitting in a coffee shop somewhere, discussing what really works for busy managers trying to take their leadership practice to a new level.

Find them as a paperback here and an ebook here.

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