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charlie-sighI began blogging an alphabet collection of ideas on April 1st as a response to a suggestion from Arlee Bird on the blog Tossing It Out.

I managed to get to the letter “I” before other priorities in life, such as finishing and submitting the final manuscript for my latest book, Managing the Soon To Retire Employee) overtook me, and I set the alphabet posts aside.

I skipped everything from “J” to “Q,” and realized today should be “R” day. I can only wonder what I would have written about during that interval had I had the time.

Now, we’ll never know.

Perhaps I would have had an insight so bold, so brilliant, that it would have changed the practice of leadership forever.

Then again, perhaps not.

What I’m realizing this morning is that all I have is the present – what’s passed is past, and what lies ahead remains unknown. And author Terri Guillemets reminds us not to “let the past steal our present.”

With that in mind, I’m letting go of feeling any angst, disappointment, or even curiousity about what I would have done with J-Q. I’m betting you, too, didn’t get everything done you had in mind from April 12-19th.

Let’s all take a deep breath and let it go.

Today, I have R.

R is for resilience, response, reaction, rehabilitation, rebound, and revolution. It’s for repeat, and renege, and reiterate, not to mention review, revoke and reveal. It’s also about renew, and that’s what I propose to do with the A-Z suggestion.

I’m renewing my commitment to completing the challenge. I’m already wondering what will emerge when I consider S, tomorrow.

But that’s for the future to reveal. Today, I’m going to enjoy the now.


This article is part of a series of 26 posts for the month of April called “Blogging from A to Z,” an idea first suggested by Arlee Bird of Tossing It Out.

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