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Leadership development activities such as seminars, workshops and academies are a terrific investment to build your skills.

But even the best of them have a critical shortcoming: timing.

They rarely occur just as you’re about to apply all the learning to real-life issues. Either you attended months ago, or you’re scheduled to attend months from now.

Too often, some of what you’ve learned is lost – both in memory and in your filing cabinet. It’s human nature. If you’re not applying a skill right away, it’s hard to recall the material.

That’s why I launched the Just In Time Leadership TIPS* Series.

(*Techniques, Insights, Practical Solutions)

It’s an ever-expanding catalogue of very specific, bite-sized books (which can be read in under an hour) to prepare you for the challenge you face today.

They don’t replace formal training; they enhance and reinforce it.

For about the price of a cup of coffee ($4.99), Just In Time books give you the insights, techniques, and practical solutions you need just when you need them.

What makes Just In Time Leadership TIPS* unique?

1.  They’re written in casual, non-technical language. Reading one is like having a cup of coffee with a leadership coach.

2.  They are brief – but thorough. Longer than an article, and much shorter than a textbook. You could read one in an hour or so.

3.  They focus on insights and techniques. They’ll help you think and act.

4.  They’re easily accessible on your e-reader, tablet device, desktop computer, or smart phone.

5.  Each book covers just ONE topic. Bite-sized information you need, delivered when you need it.

6.  And they won’t break your pocketbook, either. That workshop you attended (or will attend) could cost hundreds of dollars. A Just In Time book is about the price of a cup of coffee.

Each is available as an ebook for your Kindle, or Kindle application on your computer, tablet, or smart phone – it’s up to you. Click on any book below for more information.