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I was working with a finance manager one day and watched him step outside the box and invent a brand new way to take his team to another level. He’d brought the team together for a meeting. After the initial checkin, he told them he had something he wanted to say that wasn’t on the […]


We live in a world of ground rules. These are those unspoken codes of conduct that help determine how we’re going to interact with one another. They are often stronger than any stated agreements we have with each other. I work with one organization which has an institutionalized, unspoken ground rule for meetings: Be fifteen […]


How to decide how to decide

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In a previous post, I described a continuum of five decision-making styles available to leaders: Now Hear This! Trial Balloon Buck Stop Life Raft You Tell Me! Successful leaders move across this continuum with grace, making it look easy. It’s not automatic, but you can learn to do it too. It might look a bit […]


Famous leaders are often remembered for one critical decision that shaped destiny, such as George Custer’s brash decision to attack at Little Big Horn, or Harry S Truman’s fateful decision to drop an atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I’ve have been studying organizational leaders for two decades, and have come to the conclusion that […]