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I work with executives, middle managers, front-line supervisors and team leaders. I have no cookie-cutter approach – each engagement is unique. That said, these projects have several things in common:

  • The work is confidential.
  • If the coaching is sponsored by the coachee’s supervisor or other senior executive, we begin with a three-way meeting to establish ground rules and clarify objectives.
  • The work is goal-oriented, and those goals are established at the beginning.
  • Often the work is enhanced by some information gathering, either in the form of a 360 degree feedback instrument or with confidential interviews with key stakeholders.
  • The work is short-term – often beginning and concluding with a two-hour meeting, with several one hour sessions in the middle.
  • There may be homework between meetings – an action item, an article to read, etc.
  • The meetings can be offsite or even (except the initial meeting) be conducted by phone.

My academic training is counseling psychology. Coaching is not therapy; but having an understanding of the dynamics of the helping relationship has proven enormously useful.

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