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Gary Winters

Leadership Coach

My passion is helping leaders in organizations be successful.

I’ve spent my career unpacking exactly what successful leaders do, and sharing what I learn with those who want to become more effective at “getting others to want to do what they think ought to be done.” 

I work with leaders from all walks of life in all kinds of organizations, from Finance Directors to City Managers, from Operations Managers to Chiefs of Police, from project managers to team leaders, from front-line supervisors to CEOs.

There are several ways I do this:

After thirty years in San Diego, I’ve moved to Reno. I work with clients across the U.S. and Canada.

I’m past president of the San Diego Organization Development Network and former Director of the Management Development Center at San Diego State University. My personal passions include photography, playing keyboards, and bicycling. Lately I’m excited about developing the bit of skill I have in the kitchen as well.

See that free consultation tease (they call it a “call for action”) over there in the left hand column? I mean it! Call me and let’s explore whether we could do some great things together. If so, it would be an honor and a pleasure to work with you. Meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy your visit to my corner of the internet. Don’t forget to check out The Leadership Almanac while you’re here.  


Call me at 619-840-0148 to make something happen.