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Gary Winters

Leadership Coach

How much longer will you go on meeting this way?


Far too many meetings are dreadful, mind-numbing, energy-draining, productivity-sapping, colossal wastes of time. As someone once said, “To kill time, a meeting is the perfect weapon.”

Meetings are events we’ve long loved to hate, and that may not change anytime soon. Captain James T. Kirk is still complaining about meetings in the 23rd century when he says, “Meetings are where minutes are taken and hours are wasted.”


What would you suppose is the #1 complaint about meetings?

There’s no agenda?
They don’t start on time?
They wander off track?

Nope, nope, and nope. The biggest complaint, by far, is having to attend them!

Given how many meetings most of us attend, that’s alarming news. Meetings are an organizational fact of life, but most of us would rather attend far fewer of them, because we don’t see their value–we don’t see meetings as an effective use of our time. We attend meetings because we have to be there, not because we want to. Is it any wonder people show up late?

Here’s the deal: if you’re willing to learn and apply the techniques in So, How Was Your Meeting?, you’ll call fewer meetings, while vastly improving the ones you do lead. They’ll take less time, have more balanced participation, produce better decisions, and result in concrete action items for follow-up afterwards. If that’s not your experience, contact me and I’ll refund the purchase price of this book, no questions asked. I promise you – if you follow the suggestions and use the techniques in this book, you will see immediate improvement in your meetings.

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