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J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q and R are for Sigh…

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I began blogging an alphabet collection of ideas on April 1st as a response to a suggestion from Arlee Bird on the blog Tossing It Out. I managed to get to the letter “I” before other priorities in life, such as finishing and submitting the final manuscript for my latest book, Managing the Soon To Retire […]


I is for Imagine

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Take a moment, if you will. Breathe deeply and hold your breath for a few moments, and then slowly release it. Repeat twice more, so that you are completely relaxed. Now, imagine a day at work, visualizing you and your team. Now take it up a notch – imagine a perfect day at work. A […]


H is for Humor

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One common denominator in the most effective leaders I know is that they have a well-developed sense of humor. They’re not comedians, they rarely tell structured jokes, but they can lift a group in a heartbeat with a well-placed one-liner – which is often a self-deprecating piece of wit. They know the importance and how […]


G is for Good…enough

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When is good enough good enough? You see it all the time. That draft of the report is good enough. The presentation to staff was good enough. The error rate on product defects was good enough. The budget for that new project was good enough. The response time to customer emails is good enough. What […]