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Gary Winters

Leadership Coach

What are S.T.A.R.T. participants saying about the program?


Excellent course. I appreciate the opportunity to attend!

I value this training not only for gaining knowledge about my supervisory position, but also how to be part of a team and what it takes for a team to succeed.

Gary is a wonderful instructor with personal anecdotes that really get everyone’s attention.

Great course! I have recommended it highly to everyone I work with.

What was most beneficial? The portion on “Practical Issues You May Face.” The instructor gave real-world examples for every issue at hand, and he gave suggestions of the best ways to deal with those issues.

I’m happy to have confirmed that I’m not alone in my anxiety towards transitioning to a supervisory role.

Gary brings real world experience to his teaching.


I can’t say enough good things about this workshop.

Excellent speaker.

Fantastic class! Looking forward to the next one.

Gary spoke in a concise and simple manner, delivering the message clearly so all participants could understand. Good activities. Great value.

Great trainer!

Gary was able to get his points across in ways that made a lot of sense, getting the group involved and switching it up.

The “Transition Meeting Sample Questions” are very useful.

This is what we came to hear. Good information – good exercises.

It was good to work with small groups to really identify specific actions that apply to each person.

I enjoyed the way Gary had the class structured so we could interrupt him with questions at any time during the class.

I liked listening to the situations that other classmates had to offer and then working them through as a group.

I think the “What It Means To Be a Supervisor” was the most valuable for me, since it was about the core issue of supervision and what is universal.

The most useful aspect of the program was the class discussions. It really helps to gather other people’s views and ideas who are in the same position as you.

My highlight was understanding how people see change.

The whole class was an excellent opportunity to learn.

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