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Gary Winters

Leadership Coach

Too often, we promote people to supervision,
congratulate them, give them a hearty handshake,
and expect them to hit ground running on Day 1.


If you’re a new manager (or are considering such a position), you’ll want this book at your side. It’s filled with practical suggestions and powerful insight about your new position. Most people are selected for management because of their outstanding technical skills, but “What got you to the party may get you shown to the door,” if you don’t learn to think (and act) like a leader.

This book will kickstart your leadership development plan. The transition into management is challenging, and too many newly-promoted managers get little support making the shift. But if you search for a book on management, you’ll find a staggering 600,000+ books currently available. How can you narrow that down?

What Your Boss Never Told You is the best place to start. No textbook here – this book is short and sweet. It’s designed to help you “unpack” your new job and be effective from the first day with your new team. It contains twenty-one chapters filled with the wisdom I’ve gathered from real managers – effective, successful leaders in organizations much like yours.

You can read it over the weekend or on a flight to a business conference. Then you can put the ideas into practice immediately. It’s that simple. I’ve spent over 25 years learning what effective managers do and how they think. The lessons for new managers are in this book. Just as a Quick Start Guide helps a photography enthusiast start shooting good pictures with a new digital camera right out of the box, What Your Boss Never Told You will give you the confidence to start leading your new team in the right direction immediately.

It’s available as a paperback or a Kindle ebook. It’s my best-selling book, and it’s the basis for my new S.T.A.R.T. workshop for new supervisors.

Neville Billimoria, Senior Vice President and Chief Advocacy Officer for Mission Federal Credit Union says “This book bridges the knowledge and experience gap with poignant anecdotes, razor sharp insights, and actionable ways to jump start your career when leadership and management become mission critical. It includes just about everything you wanted to know but didn’t know how to ask with respect to getting started in management – and includes some timeless gems for the seasoned manager as well.”

I know you’re going to love this book.




The paperback version (just $14.95) is available here, and the ebook (just $4.99) is found here.

By popular demand!


I’ve now (2018) published a sequel. What ELSE Your Boss Never Told You – More Timely Tips for New Managers picks up where its predecessor left off. Eight years later, with dozens of S.T.A.R.T. (Supervisors Transition and Readiness Training) workshops under my belt, I’ve put together more material that will help make your transition easier and more successful. These books are linked by the theme – stuff you should have been told, but probably weren’t, but they each stand alone.

The paperback version (just $14.95) is available here, and the ebook (just $4.99) is found here.