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Did you know?

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You can get all three of these ebooks as a boxed set? Normally, if you bought all three separately, they would be $12.97. Buy all three together for just $9.99. All three are part of my Just in Time Leadership Series. These are books that cover topics of interest to managers, supervisors, team leaders – just about […]


The first Just In Time Boxed Set is available!

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The first three Just In Time Leadership Tips books are now available as a “boxed set” of ebooks. For the first time, you can get all three titles at one low price – lower than buying each separately. As you can see, the set includes Managing Friends & Former Peers, which is the best-selling Just In Time book […]


The long-awaited sequel!

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At long last, the sequel to What Your Boss Never Told You is available – both as a paperback, and as an ebook.   What ELSE has even more tips and techniques for new or newer supervisors and managers. Eighteen bite-sized chapters, including sections on: STRAIGHT TALK Follower Fatigue Motivation 101 The X-Factor Do Nice […]


Follower Fatigue


(Originally posted in 2010) Organizational leaders are facing a real threat to their ability to rally their people: follower fatigue. The past two or three years have been witness to an unprecedented wave of crises  that have reduced everyday folk to a state of resignation, apathy, and/or bitterness. We’ve all had to find our way […]