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Gary Winters

Leadership Coach

Ever wonder when, whether or how to involve your staff in decisions?


Leaders make decisions every day – big and small. Most know that if they include others in the decision-making process, the quality of those decisions – and the commitment to them – will likely improve. That said, they also know it’s impractical, if not impossible, to include others in every decision they confront.

To Do or Not To Do tackles the question of when to make decisions on your own, and when to involve your team. It gives you a deceptively simple but proven method to determine, when you are facing a difficult decision, how to decide how to decide.

This approach to decision-making is not something we (the authors) invented. It’s a process we learned by working closely with over 200 leaders who are recognized by their peers (and validated by their results) as truly effective and successful leaders.

We asked them how they made decisions, and why they made them that way. We learned these leaders had many things in common – among them, a system of decision-making.

This system was largely non-conscious for these leaders. They simply did it. They didn’t have labels for the variety of decision-making styles they used – that’s what we added once we learned their approach.

What we learned in our hands-on research is what you’ll learn by reading this book.

Lucy Freedman, co-author of Smart Work: The Syntax Guide for Mutual Understanding in the Workplace, says “This book is the most painless introduction to participatory decision-making to date. You can learn when and how to involve people through an amusing anecdote and a self-test at the end. It’s invaluable!”

Get your copy of To Do or Not To Do (just $4.99) by clicking here.