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Gary Winters

Leadership Coach

Too many supervisors get started on the wrong foot. 

They haven’t been shown how to make the leap from “individual contributor” to “being in charge.”

They aren’t prepared for the dynamics and turbulence of transition.

Far too often, they’re promoted, congratulated, and then left on their own to figure out how to hit the ground running.

A study by Development Dimensions International revealed:

Supervisors Transition And Readiness Training
is 2 full days with 4 modules:

What does it mean to be a supervisor?

  • How is supervision different from being an individual contributor?
  • What do effective supervisors actually do?
  • What skills are needed do be successful in supervision?
  • What will you gain and what will you give up becoming a supervisor?
  • Will I have to play politics as a supervisor?

How do you make a successful transition?

  • What’s the difference between change and transition?
  • What are the three phases of transition?
  • Which entry strategy is better – Make a splash! or First, do no harm?
  • What’s the difference between danger-oriented and opportunity-oriented people?
  • How to conduct a Transition Meeting with the new team.

Practical issues you may face.

  • What if my new team contains friends and/or former peers?
  • What if my new team is younger or older than me?
  • What if someone on the team wanted the job as supervisor?
  • What if I’m inheriting a poor performer?
  • How do I get started on the right foot with my new boss?

Creating a Transition Action Plan.

  • How will you take care of yourself during the transition?
  • How will you build a win/win relationship with your boss?
  • How will you establish yourself with your new team?
  • How will you establish relationships with internal and external peers?
  • What management skills and competencies do you want to develop?

In Southern California, S.T.A.R.T. is offered as a public workshop through The Centre for Organization Effectiveness. It is available anywhere as an in-house program.

Call me at 619-840-0148 to S.T.A.R.T. something.