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Stop the Presses!

I’m pleased to announce the publication of my new book, What Your Boss Never Told You – The Quick Start Guide for New Managers.

The book is a collection of important ideas about what it means to be a manager in today’s organizations, some basic and relevant principles of human behavior, and information about what highly effective managers do in contrast with their peers.

So is this book really about things your boss never told you? I believe so.

There are some great bosses out there who excel at mentoring others – but there are far more who don’t. And even if you work for a Great Boss, and hope to emulate him or her in your own leadership practice, the odds are still pretty good that your boss hasn’t shared all of this information with you – because most bosses haven’t spent the time organizing it in this way. For example:

  • Has your boss told you about the three kinds of employees you will be managing and the implications of this for your management practice?
  • Has your boss ever talked about the best two- word job description of an effective manager?
  • Has your boss passed on to you what most people really want from their boss?
  • Have you discussed how and when to include your staff in your decision-making process?

I’m betting not.

I’m not knocking your boss.

Most managers aren’t as skilled (or committed) as we might like them to be in developing new managers. And let’s face it – most of them weren’t carefully and consciously coached themselves when they took their first management position. Add to that they have many priorities – and getting you “coached up” is but one of them.

Perhaps “Lesson #1” should be this: your development as a manager is really up to you. You must make the commitment to some honest self-assessment and find the resources to develop your skills. This book is a great place to start.

To learn more about the book you can visit its website: www.whatyourbossnevertold.com. You can also go directly to amazon.com if you prefer.

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