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Follower Fatigue

(Originally posted in 2010) Organizational leaders are facing a real threat to their ability to rally their people: follower fatigue. The past two or three years have been witness to an unprecedented wave of crises  that have reduced everyday folk to a state of resignation, apathy, and/or bitterness. We’ve all had to find our way […]


How to Know If You’re A Good Leader

The leadership consulting world is awash with instruments, 360 feedback processes, and other means to help you determine whether you’re a good leader. While all have their value and can contribute to your learning journey, there’s another way to determine your effectiveness as a leader. Look at your followers. Ask yourself: aaa Are they passionate […]


Follow up with your followers!

Want to be a better leader? The most common way of understanding leadership is to study successful leaders. The least common way is to study followers. You should be doing both. I can’t tell you how many times leaders I’ve worked with said to me that the most valuable and powerful learning they had regarding […]


Who’s following you?

Photo by kool skatkat If you’re a leader, then by definition you’ve got followers. You can learn a lot about your impact as a leader by taking a good look at your followers, and in particular, how they follow you. There are three kinds of “follower behavior” to consider. Each starts with the letter “S” […]